About Us

Fashion and Elegance in a Capsule 

Sattaj Kaur is a premier designer boutique brand venturing into the international market with high-quality and unique materials that produce elegant gowns for weddings, parties, and social events. Sattaj Kaur aims to showcase the beauty of Indian fashion, while promoting local craftsmanship and creativity ranging from traditional, contemporary and modern designs.

Our Story

Gurmit and Gurpreet are the power couple behind the exquisite designer fashion house, Sattaj Kaur. Established in winter 2018, the duo from Canada but roots from India naturally had an in-built talent of designing fashionable bespoke clothes which caters to a global clientele. Sattaj Kaur is not just a designer house, but it is a journey for keepsake which will last forever.  This is the vision and belief of this company.
“Be Fashion Diva, Be Sattaj.”