Sattaj Kaur Featured Dress for November

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on November 07 2019

Sattaj Kaur Featured Dress for November

Did you know that the color white is considered to be the most complete and pure color of perfection? Its psychological meaning revolves around purity, innocence, and wholeness.  On that note, that is why this month's featured Sattaj Kaur dress is perfect for a bride!

The A-Line Silhouette Bridal Dress is perfect for a new chapter in life which is marriage. It has that clean and classic white with multi patterns that play with your eyes. The upper half of the dress is an off-shoulder midriff that joins together a lehenga skirt with a lacy designed sheer fabric to create this A-line silhouette bridal dress.

The best part about having a white dress is white matches with everything and you can get it in our bridal store. It's easy to match accent colors for the makeup and other accessories to bring out the beauty of the dress even more. For makeup, you may go neutral or have an accent color such as pink, peach, or the color motif of the wedding. As for accessories, mix and match to your heart's content!


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