Sattaj Kaur Featured Dress for July

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on July 07 2019

Sattaj Kaur Featured Dress for July

Floral patterns are always a good idea. It’s very heartwarming and feminine, which is perfect for a Sattaj Kaur piece. As you can see, this Audacious Floral Lehenga from the wedding collection is this month’s featured dress. What makes this particular outfit stunning is the use of the color black, which contrasts with the cheerful floral patterns.

Indian parties go all out, be it a small or a grand celebration. That is why Sattaj Kaur has the best and finest quality party dresses that will surely turn heads and capture everyone's attention. This beautifully bold and chic floral lehenga choli is the perfect choice to wear in any special event.

  • Gutsy off-shoulder floral choli.
  • Exclusive see-through dupatta
  • Ethnic dangles on the waist to finish off the floral lehenga choli

For jewelry, go for gold ones to match with the little gold details on the dress. It’s best to stick with minimal or simple jewelry to balance the loudness of the gown. As for your makeup, you could opt for a neutral look. If you’d like to go all out, you could try a palette that will match the blush hues on the floral patterns of your dress. Once you’re done, you could go right ahead to your party and be the center of attention with your enchanting beauty that’s paired with a Sattaj Kaur dress.


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