Sattaj Kaur Featured Dress for February

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on February 07 2019

Sattaj Kaur Featured Dress for February

It's that time of the year again where people around the world celebrate all forms of love. February is the month of red & pink since those are the colors that represent love and admiration. Speaking of pink, here is this month's featured dress!


The Baby Pink Bridal Lehenga Choli

For all the women who are going all out in the name of love, this bridal dress is perfect for any woman who is having their wedding this month. It has that dreamy effect that best represents someone who is in love. It also has pearl beads spread around the choli and dupatta, as well as floral details on the lehenga. Its daring cropped top and sleeveless style gives a subtle sexiness to it, making it a nice balance to that calm & dreamy vibe.

Jewelry and Makeup

Since the whole outfit has a classy and elegant design, you can go for minimalist jewelry. Dainty pieces will help keep the playful mood of this dress. For a more mature look, it's best to opt for classic jewelry such as pearls to match the beaded choli and dupatta. As for the makeup, go for neutral colors on the eye shadow such as brown, while the most suitable lipstick color to match this ensemble is a darker shade of pink to balance out the light hue of the dress.

The Baby Pink Bridal Lehenga Online is perfect for a beautiful February bride who will be uniting with the love of her life. Get this look only in Sattaj Kaur!


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