Sattaj Kaur Featured Dress for April

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on April 07 2019

Sattaj Kaur Featured Dress for April

This April, go bright and bold with this bright & colorful piece from Sattaj Kaur! It has a coord ensemble with matching top and bottom in the form of Lehenga Choli, topped with a Maya Blue Saree.

The sleeveless midriff top has a sexy front detail that reveals a little more skin than usual. It has a dove and vine patterned design in white and blue. The same patterned design can be seen in the floor-length lehenga skirt. Its nature-like ensemble makes it perfect to wear for an outdoor event.


As the cherry on top of your outfit of the day is a beautiful Maya blue saree with gold details and design. It's the same shade of blue in the details of the lehenga choli. Drape it beautiful over the golden yellow co-ord and you're bound to have heads turned your way when you walk in the room!


How To Style

As you wear this bright Sattaj Kaur party dress, make sure you can balance out its vibrancy by toning it down with light makeup, simple gold jewelry, and white or nude nails. Last but not least, wear your confidence too! No outfit is complete without a woman who holds her head up high like she owns the world.


Open up your wardrobe once again and add this precious party dress to your collection! Shop now only here at Sattaj Kaur.


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