Featured Designer of the Month: Manish Malhotra

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on April 21 2019

Featured Designer of the Month: Manish Malhotra

India — a country where their traditional clothes are valued. Indian women, most especially, wear their sarees or lehenga-choli with pride and honour. After all, those traditional wear are not only stylish but the details and colour combination are exemplary. You can see the efforts and hard work of the designers and makers alike, to come up with an exclusive and admirable dress.


Photo from: Manish Malhotra

Speaking of designers, one famous Indian fashion designer made a noise in the fashion industry with his creativity and uniqueness. Manish Malhotra — a costume stylist, social media influencer, entrepreneur, revivalist, and Couturier. Malhotra started his career as a model, also while studying at the Elphinstone College in Mumbai. Though he may not have formal training in fashion, his passion for fashion designing shined through as years of just sketching, costume styling and the like paid off.

Photo from: Manish Malhotra

His artistic mind is now shown in the revolutionized traditional Indian dresses like the lehenga-choli, which can be seen on his website. Keen to detail and colour combination, the modern and chic lehenga-cholis is every girl's dream to have and wear. And whoever is honoured to wear them will definitely feel like royalty.


Photo from: Manish Malhotra


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