Famous Indian Designer: Sanjay Garg

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on November 21 2019

Famous Indian Designer: Sanjay Garg

A politician turned famous Indian designer was what the fashion industry has been looking for, for its revival. Sanjay Garg's idea of style is fresh and bare. He made the exemplary effort to bridge the long gap between style and fabrics.

Images from: Raw Mango

As seen in his collections, Garg's love for the minimalistic yet elegantly ethnic designs shows through the dresses he has created. With a team that is as passionate as he is in designing the dresses, Raw Mango was born and made its way to an opening show at Lakme India Fashion Week in 2017.

Dresses designed by the most unparallel mind clearly shows and is appreciated by many. However, when it's time for buyers to own one, the process is quite complicated. Some dresses are not available for much longer. Lucky for you, Sattaj Kaur is here to save the day of a fashion enthusiast. We too have the finest lehenga-choli set you can wear on any grand celebration or even for your wedding, and if you want a customized dress then we'd be happy to negotiate. Check out Sattaj Kaur now!

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