Famous Indian Designer: Rita Kumar

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on June 21 2019

Famous Indian Designer: Rita Kumar

Behind every colourful and extraordinary Indian dress are famous designers who see to it that traditional Indian wear is not to be forgotten, but rather be revolutionized. One of those famous fashion designers who experimented on mixing traditional with modern concepts is Ritu Kumar.

To give you a short biography about Kumar, she began her passion for fashion by building a business in Kolkata, with two small tables and hand-block printing techniques. She started out by making bridal wear and evening gowns back in the 1960s to 70s, where she then took a big step into the international market when her business boomed. Now that she made a name in the fashion world, her company expanded to Paris, London and New York.         

Images from: Ritu Kumar

Regarding her design, Kumar focused on natural fabrics and traditional printing, and weaving techniques. While maintaining the traditional Indian way of designing a dress, she also mixed in some Western Elements to compete with the trend. Similar designs can also be found at Sattaj Kaur which caters lehenga-cholis both for a wedding or formal events. Make sure you check out the website for dresses you might not need now but will surely want it in your wardrobe.

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