Famous Indian Designer: Payal Singhal

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on July 21 2019

Famous Indian Designer: Payal Singhal

Traditional Indian dresses never fail to capture everyone's attention with its out of this world detailed designs and colours. And now that fashion trends are evolving, Indian fashion designers made sure not to get left behind. One famous Indian designers played with contemporary and tradition, to produce the most exquisite dresses.

Payal Singhal made a name for herself in the fashion world at a young age of 15 with her ethereal and exceptional designs on both Indian wears and dresses. Her creativity was said to be inherited from her grandfather and father, who are also a renowned painter and fashion pioneer. Now, Singhal played with modern and traditional to come up with designs that everyone can wear and be proud of it.

Image from: Payal Singhal


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