6 Reasons Why Dressing up Is A Must

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on November 18 2018

6 Reasons Why Dressing up Is A Must

Dress shabbily and they remember the ensemble,
dress impeccably and they remember the woman. - Coco Chanel



Deepika Pakudone gracing the red carpet at the Time 100 Gala.
Photo: The Juice


Growing up, we have probably heard multiple times that dressing up is important. They say that what you wear says something about you, others say that it comes with success and/or shows your social status. Regardless of the reason, dressing up shouldn't be taken for granted especially in this day and age where people are just 'woke'.

There have been studies about how clothing affects a person’s thoughts. Results show that wearing formal clothes can boost one’s ability to be more professional or more confident. With that said, here are 6 reasons why dressing up is a must!

  • There are studies to prove and further explain the issue. Need we say more?


  • First impressions last.

It's a cliche, yes — but that doesn't mean it isn't true. Although people try their best not to judge the book by its cover, there are just times that the saying cannot be applied.

In the world of business, how you dress up is important because it does say something about you as a business person, it says something about where you work, and unfortunately, it says something about how you work too.

Other people's judgments and assumptions are unfortunately inevitable, so let's try to put up a good impression starting by carefully presenting yourself with what we wear.

  • You boost self-confidence and draw attention.

When you dress nicely, you feel confident. For women who are getting dolled up, heels are the best part. Dressing up well makes one feel empowered and confident, and when you feel this way, you become a head-turner. When you wear a suit or a beautiful dress, you feel confident. When you feel confident, you stand out. When you stand out, you draw attention and admiration. You gotta admit, that feels good sometimes!

Sonam Kapoor wearing confidence like how every woman should.
  • To some people, it is to live up to their known social status.

This is most applicable to prominent people who have a name and image to live up to — politicians, celebrities, elites, etc. When a person has a household name that a lot of people are aware of, it's a given that dressing up impeccably is a part of who they are or what they do. These people have many invitations to social events with other people who are of the same social class or the same industry. Also, these social events are filled with known Democrats, film producers, top actors or fashion designers, rich families, etc. With a life like that where it's networking and business left and right, it's understandable to dress up the way they do. They are actually very awe-inspiring to look up to as well!

  • Dressing up promotes self-respect.

To continue from the previous point —  when people see that you've put in the effort of presenting yourself well, you give off the idea of self-care and self-worth. With that said, people are more likely to respect you because they see that you have enough self-respect to look good instead of not having a care in the world.

Other than that, the way you dress may or may not equate to a sense of worth. Because people judge other people by the way they dress, sometimes just one look at what you're wearing can determine whether you are worth someone's time, attention, and opportunity.

  • 6. It's fun!

This is more applicable to women who just love getting dolled up for any event. Every woman loves getting pampered and treated like royalty even just for a day.


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