3 Types of Kurtis and When To Wear Them

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on October 14 2018

3 Types of Kurtis and When To Wear Them


Traveling to India, we can't help but notice their unique sense of fashion. Observing Indian women and their wardrobe is both pleasing and satisfying, you could really see that tailors put so much effort on the tiniest patterns and aesthetically pleasing color combinations.

Plus, Indian women sure do know how to style themselves beautifully like no other. As for tourists, it is truly an honor to have an opportunity to be able to do Traditional Indian Wear and dress like the locals. Why don’t we dive in and get to know more about Indian fashion? Let's start with the types of Kurtis and how one can wear them:



Photo: Fashion Pro

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The shirt style Kurti is the most commonly worn Kurti by Indian women since it's comfortably stylish. This is also a perfect combination of traditional and modern Indian women's wear and is the easiest to style.

Shirt style Kurtis is perfect for an everyday outfit, but not for parties because the design may come off too simple or laidback for such an event. They also go well with leggings, jeans or any of the kind.



Photo: The Secret Label via Pinterest

If fashion can level up from time-to-time, so can the Kurtis! Since slit dresses have become a trend, your regular Kurti leveled up — thus, the front slit Kurti is born.

This type of Kurti will surely capture everyone's attention since this is not the usual side slit Kurti. The front slit Kurti can be worn to any formal events you wish to attend to but is also great for everyday and office wear. They do go well with palazzos after all.



Photo: Pinterest

We may say this type is like a gown, but as always, Indian designers sure do know how to make it look and feel that it is Indian made. This type of Kurti is an outstanding choice for parties or any social gathering but go for a sleeveless and straight cut type so it would look less consuming.

The list goes on for the different types of Kurtis, Indian women can wear and look fabulously on point. But these three are the most common and safe for either everyday wear or for special occasions, both Indian women and tourists alike can wear.  Now go, feel and enjoy what India has in store for everyone!

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