Trending Pastel Bridal Wear Lehenga | Sattaj Kaur

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on January 21 2020

Trending Pastel Bridal Wear Lehenga | Sattaj Kaur


Indian fashion is slowly rising to the top, and impressing us with a wide variety of colors, details, and modern-tradition. Now, Indian bridal lehenga is demanded to have a touch of Western for a change. Designers are up for the challenge, but so are the ladies who wish to experiment with bridal lehenga on their own.


pastel lehenga with puffed sleeve


Time to make an upgrade on your Indian bridal lehenga choli set with a touch of Western:

Peplum Top — Peplum tops are classy and elegant no matter what you pair it with, so it's no surprise that Indian bride-to-be's try on peplum tops for their bridal lehenga. Pairing it with the right pieces of jewelry, their off to walk the aisle soon.

Minimalist Color, Grand Details — Minimalistic is the new trend of today's fashion sense, but with Indian bridal lehenga - it's all about going stylishly minimalistic. Choosing just one color for you bridal lehenga then focusing on the details will surely give a wow factor to everyone.

Puffed Sleeves and Pastel — Pastel colored dresses are in demand to ladies and brides today, they display calmness and class. Try something new by wearing a pastel bridal lehenga with puffed sleeves on your grand day. It'll be unique and earthly.

There are a lot of new ways to transform your traditional bridal lehenga, just keep an open mind and you're ready to slay uniquely!

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