Importance of Colors in Sarees !

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on June 13 2019

Importance of Colors in Sarees  !
Every Color Has Meaning

  • White: White is associated with peace, simplicity and purity. White represents cleansing and new beginnings. White is a spiritually significant color often found in garments worn at religious ceremonies. Fabric dyeing of any sort is traditionally regarded as being spiritually impure. Priests are therefore often associated with this color. White is also a color of mourning, and white sari is common garments for widows. On the other hand,Draping a white saree can offer a fresh and bright outlook.  White colour saree looks great for day wear functions and festivals. You can pair up the white saree with a dark shade blouse to make heads turn.


  • Green: The meaning of this color has changed significantly over time. Originally associated with the merchant class, green, as the official color of Islam, has become very popular in garments worn by Muslims, including saris. In some regions of India green is also a popular color for saris worn by brides. 


  • Black: Black is an all time favorite that represents power. Acting as a representation of elegance and versatility, this colour can easily sail in all functions.Also, A color thought to represent sadness and bad fortune. Understandably black is not used as a dominant color in a large number of saris.


  • Red:Red is the color for celebration, love and weddings and loved by the most.Unlike black, red has some positive connotations, making it a trendy color. Commonly worn by brides of all castes, red was traditionally associated with the warrior class — also, the being symbolic of sex and fertility. 


  • Yellow: Representing religion and the ascetic practices followed by dedicated spiritual seekers, yellow (along with orange) is the color of the saints. Yellow saris are worn by Indian women for seven days following the birth of a child. 


  • Blue: Blue was a color associated with those members of society who worked with their hands. As such, it was eschewed by those of the higher classes and reserved for artists, farmers, and weavers 


  • Pink: Pink is always the color of femininity and is full of life. Pink is associated with romance and happiness. Wearing pink conveys compassion and an open heart. Because of its romance association, pink is a good choice for a date. When women wear pink, they appear amicable and capable of loving others. Pink saree gives a cute feel and is ideal for day wear.

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