Fashion Investment 101: Indian Jutis

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on February 14 2019

Fashion Investment 101: Indian Jutis


Every Indian woman has a fair share of Indian ethnic wear in their wardrobe. While we're always so caught on pairing sarees, dupattas, Kurtis, and lehenga cholis, there's one more thing that you might be missing: SHOES!


The traditional Indian wear is known to have beautiful and detailed patterns and beadwork, vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. Have a bold ensemble like that can be quite challenging to work with. It can be a little confusing as to which style you want to lean on, do you want to want to go all out and be extra with your ensemble or would you rather balance it out with something minimal.

Photo: India Mart


It actually just depends on your mood and style, but if you're more on the safe and comfortable side, this one's for you. Jutis is the name of Indian footwear that is normally paired with most of their styles of clothing. If we compare it to western style, it is similar to ballet flats that a lot of people wear casually.


Like flats, the Jutis have different designs and colors. There are plain, printed, patterned or even beaded. So depending on what you mostly have in your wardrobe, that's the color of Jutis you should invest in. For example, you have vibrant colored clothes with gold details. If that's the case, then you should get gold Jutis so you have a go-to pair of flats to match most of your clothes.


Let us know if you have Jutis or if you're on your way to getting one. That's it for this month's Fashion Investment!

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