Fashion Investment 101: Sleek Black Pumps

Sattaj Kaur

Posted on June 14 2019

Fashion Investment 101: Sleek Black Pumps


Sometimes the best standout pieces of an outfit are actually the simplest looking item you're wearing. Although prints and eye-catching colors will no doubt grab attention, it's the classic pieces that will be talked about. In this month's fashion investment 101, it's the Sleek Black Pumps.

Having black leather shoes to polish up your outfit is essential to every woman. First up, the color is neutral and therefore matches almost any designer wear. Second, the shoe design is classic and versatile. Pieces like these are the best ones to invest in because they never go out of style. Lastly, it gives a woman confidence. The heels are the boost of confidence that makes a woman feel ready for anything. As Marilyn Monroe once said, "give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world".

Photo: Mihai Stefan Photography via Pexels


This pair of shoes also works like magic since it's simple and chic, you could go wild with what you pair it with and still look good. When you have black pumps on standby, you could rely on this high & mighty footwear to instantly upgrade any look to a more polished and classy vibe.


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